Readathon Hours 3-5 – One book down… phew!


Man this has been the longest few hours of my life, but like a trooper I ploughed on through the 800 pages of random words from foreign languages, and oddities from various dialects.

I Never Knew There Was a Word For That is not a book I would recommend for readathonning – at least not this early. I found a few interesting things, but I believe the book was just a combination of a couple of the authors other books so it got very repetitive and frustrating.

Glad it is over – one good thing is that the fact it is just words and explanations, it is quite quick to read if you can get past the mindnumbingness of it.

But it is done, and that is 1 book down.  Added it to the Readathon Masterlist on the main website.

Next to read is something a bit shorter

A Dreadful Murder: The Mysterious Death of Caroline Luard (Quick Reads 2013)

by Minette Walters



Here I go! Trying to get to read before 7pm

Also – donate?


3 thoughts on “Readathon Hours 3-5 – One book down… phew!

  1. litandlife says:

    Good job knocking that beasty out! Looks like you picked up a good one to pick up the pace for your next book. Enjoy!

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