Reverse Readathon

After missing April's Readathon, and having a bit of a reading slump (with the exception of children's books for my daughter!) I have decided to join in the Reverse Readathon that the Dewey's Readathon team have organised. What it means by "reverse" is that the times have flipped. So the regular Readathon starts at 1pm … Continue reading Reverse Readathon

Let the October 2016 Readathon begin!

1pm and it's that time again - another attempt at reading for 24 hours, and another pile of books to attempt to get through. I love the Readathon events! I may not always get through the full 24 hours reading (and I tend to spend a lot of time blogging instead of reading, which is … Continue reading Let the October 2016 Readathon begin!