Readathon Oct 2013: Hours 13-24

I must say, I had a lovely sleep. Unfortunately, it has left me with only an hour of reading time left. Oops. I will add though, that my dreams were full of references to A Tale for Time Being. It was as though spending all those hours reading it were not enough and it refuses … Continue reading Readathon Oct 2013: Hours 13-24


Readathon Oct 2013: Hours 10-12

I have done it! I have finished the book! I think I may peruse a few shorter books before picking up something longer, just so I can say I have read multiple books this readathon! Hour 10:  Book/s: A Tale for the Time Being by Ruth Ozeki Paper or Kindle?: Kindle. Pages read:  100% (16% read) Comment: What … Continue reading Readathon Oct 2013: Hours 10-12