Readathon Hours 6-10 : Slow Goings

Despite having been reading for 10 hours, and getting through a tedious 300+ page book in the first few hours of the readathon, I seem to have run out of steam a bit.  Not surprising as that book was basically lists of words and reading so many lists is quite draining. It took me a while to … Continue reading Readathon Hours 6-10 : Slow Goings


Readathon Hours 3-5 – One book down… phew!

Man this has been the longest few hours of my life, but like a trooper I ploughed on through the 800 pages of random words from foreign languages, and oddities from various dialects. I Never Knew There Was a Word For That is not a book I would recommend for readathonning - at least not … Continue reading Readathon Hours 3-5 – One book down… phew!