Lush Valentine’s Haul 2021

Here’s my newly arrived Lush Valentine’s Haul! I ordered some Valentine’s products, some Christmas sale items and some Perfume Bubble Bottles. Valentine’s Love Yourself Gift £25 (2 bath bombs and 2 bubble bars) This gift contains Love Boat, Heart Beat, Unicorn Horn, Rainbow. Love Boat is so vibrant this year! I believe this year is … Continue reading Lush Valentine’s Haul 2021

Lush Kitchen Festive Shower Gel Comparison

I’ve been blogging about Lush on Instagram for a while now so I thought I’d bring it to my website too! I know I’m usually random posts about books and the biannual Readathons with lengthy hiatus in between posts but I do enjoy my Lush products at the moment in addition to my books and … Continue reading Lush Kitchen Festive Shower Gel Comparison

Reclaim Her Name – Free Ebooks?! (Edit: Link Expired)

So many women past and present have hidden behind a male pseudonym when publishing their writing - famously, in the 1840s, Charlotte, Emily and Anne Brontë were published as Currer, Ellis and Acton Bell and more recently (1990s) Joanne Rowling was told using her initials to mask her gender would ensure better sales at a … Continue reading Reclaim Her Name – Free Ebooks?! (Edit: Link Expired)

Reverse Readathon

After missing April's Readathon, and having a bit of a reading slump (with the exception of children's books for my daughter!) I have decided to join in the Reverse Readathon that the Dewey's Readathon team have organised. What it means by "reverse" is that the times have flipped. So the regular Readathon starts at 1pm … Continue reading Reverse Readathon

Book Hunting

I had a lovely afternoon with my daughter, walking around my home city hiding books for children and teens to find. A Facebook group called LOOK for a BOOK North East started up about a week ago and now has over 17,000 members - all taking part in a special event this weekend. The event … Continue reading Book Hunting