Readathon Hour 2

Not such a great start in that I was sitting in a pub drinking cocktails and being distracted from reading by some interesting committee talk.

Read only about 4% of my book, which is proving to be a disappointing read as it in fact seems to be repeating a lot of stuff from the previously read book I mentioned (the name of which I forgot in my last post but which has come back to me now – The Meaning of Tingo)

I have now made my way back home (reading on the bus of course) and am now safe and sound in my bedroom with only other books and the interwebs to distract me.

So now I must say, I have decided to take part in the first challenge of the readathon – Book Spine Poetry @ Scuffed Slippers and Wormy Books

Basically in this challenge you must make a poem(any kind) using the spines of books.

Here is what I cobbled together from what is on my shelves.


A Monster Calls.
My Sister Lives on the Mantlepiece;
Salvation of a Saint

I will have more stuff read by then end of Hour 3 start of hour 4. Promise!

Also, still awake! Donate to charity?


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