Lush Valentine’s Haul 2021

Here’s my newly arrived Lush Valentine’s Haul!

I ordered some Valentine’s products, some Christmas sale items and some Perfume Bubble Bottles.


Love Yourself Gift

£25 (2 bath bombs and 2 bubble bars)

This gift contains Love Boat, Heart Beat, Unicorn Horn, Rainbow.

Love Boat is so vibrant this year! I believe this year is the first time Lush are using their own in house produced lustre!

Heart Beat has moisturising cocoa butter hearts and a Rose Jam scent with popping candy. Unicorn Horn is the usual neroli and lavender swirl. Great for relaxing bubble baths! Rainbow is still a gift exclusive in the UK and smells so sweet! Last time I got a Rainbow, it was missing half of its colours but this time I have the full spectrum!

Love Me Do Bath Bomb

Deep Sleep meets Rose Jam – it’s really cute. I’m not 100% keen on the scent as it’s very floral but I think it’ll be lovely in the bath.

Tisty Tosty Bath Bomb

Gentle floral scent with a positive affirmation embossed around the side. I’ve heard good things so I’m happy to try this even if it is a bath bomb with “bits” in it. That’s what sieves are for.

Love Locket Bath Bomb

I think I preferred the roller scented version of this last year but the Comforter scent is still sweet and matches the aesthetic. Last year I don’t think I actually bathed in one of these – I demoed it in store a few times but didn’t buy one myself so I’m glad I bought one this time around.

Blow Me A Kiss Bubble Blower

Smells like super sugary sweets – almost sickly sweet – but I think it’ll be mellower in the water. So bright in colour as well.

Prince Charming Shower Gel

It’s as sweet as always but a brighter pink this year. Smells like pomegranate and marshmallow. I feel like the darker colour last year helped sell it to men more as so many seem repulsed by anything pink! This might be a shade too light for some but I think it looks and smells wonderful.

Rose Argan Naked Massage Oil & Sleep Massage Oil

These are chunky and quick to melt when you hold them – ideal massage oils. I’m going to give these a try as bath oils too as I know a lot of folks recommended the old formula ones as replacements for the discontinued bath oils. Technically Sleep is an All Year Round (AYR) product but I thought I’d group it here. The Sleepy range is expanding this year and I’m glad to see it!

Rose Argan is that lovely soft Rose scent and Sleep is obviously the signature lavender scent. Really pretty designs too!

Christmas Sale

Winter Garden Tin

Contains Winter Garden Bath Bomb, Honey I Washed the Kids soap, Helping Hands hand cream.

I didn’t try the Winter Garden bath bomb at Christmas as I thought it would be too floral but after hearing good things, I’m glad I had a chance to grab one in the sale and the fact it comes in a beautiful tin with my favourite soap and a useful moisturising hand cream? Bonus!

I made sure to get a big pot of Once Upon a Time body lotion as well. You can’t always guarantee a product returning each Christmas and even though I still had some of my huge stash from last year, it’s no longer at its best and I thought an extra one might be a good idea in case I run out and it doesn’t return! I love this scent as it’s like apples that have fallen on fresh dewy grass straight from the tree.

I HAD to get a Golden Pear soap slice in the sale too – it’s the smell of Lush Christmas to me. I ran out of last year’s and saw it was still on sale. It’s a beautiful and strong spiced pear drop scent. I just wish the body spray had come back!

Perfume Bubble Bottles

I already have Love, Keep it Fluffy and Dirty from the 1st phase of the Harajuku Launch last April and I was keen to get Dear John and Karma as I love those scents. I also bought 1000 Kisses Deep and Cocktail too. These bottles are great investments because they last for so many baths! I’m still using my “Relax…Take A Bath” after 15 baths!

I didn’t bother with the Lunar New Year bubble bar or shampoo bar as I HATE strong jasmine scents. That’s also why I avoided the Naked Attraction massage bar because it reminds me of that horrible fart spray you get in joke shops🤢 – But jasmine is floral marmite – you love it or hate it.

This was a big splurge and there’s more coming out in February and March – I’m very excited for Easter products especially but some of the Mother’s Day products look amazing as well. My poor bank account!

Which are your favourite Valentine’s products?

Are you a jasmine lover or hater?

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