Readathon Hours 6-10 : Slow Goings


Despite having been reading for 10 hours, and getting through a tedious 300+ page book in the first few hours of the readathon, I seem to have run out of steam a bit.  Not surprising as that book was basically lists of words and reading so many lists is quite draining.

It took me a while to get through my quickread book, as I kept being distracted by internet messages about the convention I help run. And readathon posts. And

But I did get that book read, and immediately selected a book at random from my kindle.

Quick review of A Dreadful Murder – it is interesting but dissatisfying as it is in fact an unsolved mystery so you don’t get any closure and are just left frustrated. the writing style is good though and despite how long it took me to read it, I enjoyed it.

692803The random book my scrolling Kindle Fire HD landed on was a quirky fact book called Xenophobe’s Guide to The Danes. 
I have read a Xenophobe’s Guide book before – a guide to the Icelandics, and it was quite funny but informative. The Danish one is even more interesting to me as I am setting a novel there and I want to make it as accurate as possible. The progress of this novel is incredibly slow, but the idea is there and I am in the research stage and plan to travel to Denmark at some point too. Plus my Dad works for a Danish owned company. It was a funny book with some great facts, a bit of the lingo and a quickish read. Though I did break to have some food – philly cheese on toast followed by a bowl of strawberries. Nom.

I attempted the Book Cover Quiz but despite knowing half the books, I only remembers about 10% of authors and decided not to go cheating and google stuff. So I submitted a half completed entry form. But i tried!

Now to find another random book to read. I’m saving my copy of Endlessly for later on 😛

*Random Kindle Roulette*

And the winner is…. Girls in Tears by Jacqueline Wilson.

Oh. I fear this is a sequel book which I haven’t read the prequel of. Okay. Well my obsessive must-not-read-sequels-before-prequels thing means this is forfeit.

*Random Kindle Roulette*

this time it is Goosebumps, The Horror at Camp Jellyjam by R L Stein. Ooh the nostalgia! Though I haven’t exactly read many Goosebumps books..
Well this should be a fairly quick read.

She says hopefully.


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