Readathon – My prize donations

Who says I am not generous? Not only am I trying to raise money for Aid for Japan during this readathon (donate here please!) but I am also giving away some great books as prizes, donating most to the prize fund of the readathon team itself, but also (fingers crossed) giving some away on here as part of a challenge, should it get the go ahead from the team.

The prizes I have offered are from my personal collection though some are brand-new never read and some are once-read.


The Language of Flowers by Vanessa Diffenbaugh
Brand New, unread

I got a copy for this on my kindle so haven’t really had a chance to read this paperback I bought. So I figured, why not send it to a good home?


The QI Noticeably Stouter Book of General Ignorance
Used. Read once.  Slight bend in the spine but good condition.

This is one of the fact books from the QI series (the awesome quiz show with Stephen Fry as host? Tis awesome) Lots of interesting, weird and wonderful facts here, dispelling generally assumed ‘facts’ with a wit and charm made popular by the tv show.


Under the Paw: Confessions of a Cat Man by Tom Cox
Used, like new. Read once.

This feels like full circle to me. I won this treat in my very first readathon. I had to wait months and months to get to read it though as I completed that readathon while in Japan and had my prize shipped to my UK address. Now I feel it only right that I should pass on this lovely read to the next gen of readathon prizewinners! It is an adorable story about a man who owns cats. Anyone with a love of cats will know what this story will be like – funny, sweet and awesome.


Neris and India’s Idiot-Proof Diet by India Knight and Neris Thomas
Used. Read Once. Good condition.

This is a diet book, telling the tale of two hefty British women who changed the way they thought about food. It interested me but the diet itself was not my style. Maybe it will help someone else though? So I put it up as a prize if anyone wants it.


Book Bundle! Alexander McCall Smith Bundle
– The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency
– The Lost Art of Gratitude

Both brand new, unread.


Misery by Stephen King
Brand New. Unread.


Visual Aid2 You Can Never Know Enough Stuff
Like New. Read Once.

Another random fact book but with lots of pictures.


The Otaku Encyclopedia
As New. Hardly read.

This is a book that I bought while in Japan and it has travelled back with me. Haven’t really read much of it but it is full of some interesting information about ‘Cool Japan’. Looks brand new 🙂


Book Bundle! The English Language Collection
As New, unread.

– A Dictionary of Modern English Grammar
– A Grammar of the English Language
– The King’s English
– The English Language


Book Bundle! Cassandra Clare bundle!

-The Mortal Instruments Book 01 – City of Bones
-The Mortal Instruments Book 02 –  City of Ashes

New. unread.

Bought from a bookstore, slight shelf damage but nothing affecting the cover or spine. Just a little pen marking on the pages at the top of one book.


I also have some prizes for the challenge I have planned, but it all depends on if I get the go ahead or not 🙂

So anyone else tempted to join in Dewey’s Readathon for the chance to win some prizes?



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