Readathon Hour 23 – Book 5 is done!

ZOMG! I finished reading City of Bones. As you can tell, I loved it and man, this readathon is so awesome! I may be sleep deprived but I have really enjoyed reading books and blogging, and the mini-challenge! Oh the mini-challenge! FYI - the entries are so awesome I am currently trying to gather more … Continue reading Readathon Hour 23 – Book 5 is done!

Readathon – My prize donations

Who says I am not generous? Not only am I trying to raise money for Aid for Japan during this readathon (donate here please!) but I am also giving away some great books as prizes, donating most to the prize fund of the readathon team itself, but also (fingers crossed) giving some away on here … Continue reading Readathon – My prize donations