Reverse Readathon

After missing April’s Readathon, and having a bit of a reading slump (with the exception of children’s books for my daughter!) I have decided to join in the Reverse Readathon that the Dewey’s Readathon team have organised.

What it means by “reverse” is that the times have flipped. So the regular Readathon starts at 1pm GMT for me, but the Reverse Readathon starts at 1am instead.

I might actually get more reading done with the different start time so we shall see!

Hubby is going to be in charge of baby until my in-laws pick her up around 1pm. So I will be free to read as much as possible for at least 6 hours!

I haven’t planned much – I picked up some short books from the library and I have a few books already in progress on my kindle that I’d like to finish. I also have a paperback that I started the week before I had my daughter, and read while in labour at hospital and 9 months on I’ve still not picked it back up to finish it!

My library haul for the Reverse Readathon

I will probably read a few books to my daughter when she gets hone from her Grandma and Grandpa’s house – but it would be nice to finish a long book rather than read only lots of short books.

My reading room is in the process of being sorted but I’ve a nice reading chair and will see if I can settle there for a bit tomorrow. Photos to follow!

I will try and blog my updates as I go as usual but I will probably forget. If I get too focused on blogging, I end up doing more writing than reading!

Let’s see how this Readathon pans out!


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