Readathon October 2015

Just checking in, after having a hair appointment at which I could not blog. 

I have been reading my book club book ‘A Place Called Winter’ by Patrick Gale. It didn’t hook me at first but I am 27% of the way through on my Kindle and am fascinated now. 

It’s a look at Edwardian life, and what is expected of a man. It begins in an asylum, then leads to an alternative asylum (a retreat, rather) where our protagonist undergoes hypnosis and then we learn his life story and his loves. What is great is that it is not a conventional love story, if indeed it can be called a love story at all. I am keen to read on and see how he gets to the Canadian place called ‘Winter’ as promised in the title and blurb, and how he ends up in the asylum to begin with, though I have my suspicions at this point. 

I have a few other books to read today as well before I dive into a pile of marking for school tomorrow. 

One on my list is the reselling of Twilight which I got on sale for £8 at Tesco on my way home. I want to see for myself if Meyer has continued on her rampage against women’s rights and made tweaks to the story which still have the females as weak and mentally abused. 

I also have The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie, a crime horror called Trick or Treat and Ta Nehisi Coates’ Between The World and Me to keep me entertained. 

Let’s do this!


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