Readathon – 1 book down! 

I am 37% of the way through A Place Called Winter, which is an amazing book and is going as expected plot-wise. 

I decided to take a break and have since read the ‘Your Favourite Pizza Witch’ comic by Sarah Graley – something my fiancé ordered from a Kickstarter and received in the post this morning. 

It is such a cute and fun short comic book about a PoC witch who makes amazing pizza but who falls in love with a girl who is lactose intolerant and must gather the magical incredient for lactose-free pizza from a place where it is guarded by a monster, in an effort to get the girl to fall in love with her, (because anyone who eats Pizza Witch Roxy’s pizza falls in love with her!) 

I enjoyed it so much and now will read the Our Super Adventure comic that came with it because Graley’s artwork is so fabulous! 

Then back to Mr Cain’s journey to Canada..


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