Dewey’s Readathon – April 2015 – Hours 4-5

I have now finished Brown Girl Dreaming.

Brown Girl Dreaming

This is such a fantastic book!

It is unusual in that it is a memoir that is written in free verse. It follows the life of the author from her birth and early months in Ohio, through to her mother moving the family back to her childhood home in the South, then moving them up to New York. She really opens up her family and her heart to the reader and shows what life was like growing up during and after the civil rights movement.
I could not recommend this any more!

I read this on my kindle, but I think I may have to buy a physical copy to share with everyone I know!

I may try to read a paper book now before moving on the The Ember in the Ashes on my kindle.
I should probably plan a lesson at some point too… but reading is so much better!


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