Readathon Mini Challenge Hour 22 *Hosting!* If It Were a Movie


Welcome and well done! You are almost there! We have finally reached Hour 22, and this hour I am hosting the mini-challenge!
This is my first time hosting, but I have gathered together some fantabulous prizes linked to the movie theme.

The Challenge

The challenge this hour involves a few different things.

  • Step 1: Select a book – be it the one you are currently reading, or a one read since the start of the readathon. FYI, the rest of the challenge involves keeping your post spoiler free, or at least clearly warned for.
  • Step 2: Imagine this book was being made into a movie. Write a blog post/comment answering the following:- Who would you cast and why? (if book is already a movie, voice your opinion on casting and who you would have picked)- What music would you like on the soundtrack?- Director?- Scenes you would delete and why? Scenes you would add and why?
  • Step 3: Post your blog entry link in the comments with your sign-up name / write your entry as a comment with your sign-up name.

Feel free to answer as many or as few of the questions as you feel like. So long as you pick one, I don’t mind. 


There are 3 prizes available here. 2 will be given randomly, whereas the top prize will be given to an entry I judge to be awesome.

20130416_183534Classic Hollywood Bundle

Top Prize is this Film bundle which includes 2 books on film LEGEND Charlie Chaplin, and Paul Merton’s book on the Silent era’s comedy films. The Chaplin books are 1 x photobook looking at his life and work, and 1 x book looking in depth at his film ‘City Lights’ published by the BFI.


Struck By Lightning by Chris Colfer

The book that is also a film, written and starring Chris Colfer (of Glee fame) about an ambitious wanna-be journalist muddling through high school.  It’s quite a fun read, and is one of the random prizes available today.


Atonement by Ian McEwan

The 2nd random prize this hour is a book that was made into a film starring Keira Knightley and James McAvoy. The 2nd of the random prizes.

This challenge is open to readathonners from anywhere as I am willing to ship internationally (though there may be a slight wait until I can get your prizes out to you)

Finally, just because, I thought I would mention my little charity fundraising thing. I am currently staying up the full 24 hours for charity, raising money for the orphans of the Japanese tsunami in 2011, with Aid for Japan. If anyone is interested in donating any amount, large or small, please consider checking out

All that remains is to say best of luck and I look forward to reading about your books being turned into films!

❤ Love



16 thoughts on “Readathon Mini Challenge Hour 22 *Hosting!* If It Were a Movie

  1. stilettostorytime says:

    I am currently re-reading “Rebecca” by Daphne Du Maurier and it happens to not only be one of my favorite books of all time but also one of my favorite movies of all time. It’s truly a classic in every sense…. The 1940 adaptation directed by Alfred Hitchcock and starring screen legend Laurence Olivier along with actress Joan Fontaine…well it really doesn’t get any better.The character of Mrs. Danvers is also played to perfection down to every minute detail and the overwhleming presence of “Rebecca” is felt everywhere despite her lack of physical presence. It’s the perfect vision of the modern gothic classic brought to life…in black and white and shot so perfectly, I really don’t think a re-make could ever even come close to capturing the essence of the book. In fact Hitchcock insisted the film be done in black and white to maintain the gothic/dark vision of the book. It would be almost insulting/naive to try and re-create it and I think that it why it has never been attempted. The film won a Best Picture Oscar. I wanted to do this mini-challenge but you can’t re-imagine perfection so I thought I would simply explain why I love it so and the details that make it so timeless instead. Thanks so much for the mini-challenge and enjoy the last few hours of the readathon! Great prize choice with “Atonement”…I love the film but have yet to read the book…it’s on my wishlist! 😉

    Stiletto Storytime

  2. stilettostorytime says:

    Oops I forgot any contact info…. @stiletostrytime or stilettostorytime at gmail dot com. Thanks again!

  3. bybeebooks says:

    I’m reading the graphic memoir Marbles by Ellen Forney. If this were a movie (and it might well be, soon), I would cast Ellen Page to play Ellen Forney. Page is cute, like Forney’s drawings of herself. She’s proved that she can do manic and self-absorbed and even slightly unlikeable in the recent Woody Allen movie “To Rome With Love”. Also, there’s something about her eyes and her matter-of-fact raspy voice that suggests intellect. For music, I’d have a mixture of peppy show tunes and really emo songs from the 1990s.

  4. Dreamybee says:

    Wow, I don’t have it in me to work up a full challenge-worthy entry for this, but I had to comment because I hardly ever “cast” books in my mind, but I totally cast Gwenyth Paltrow in my first read-a-thon book, Blessed Are the Cheesemakers-Jacey is tall, thin, beautiful, blond, with model looks, and is a total mess of a human being. I think Paltrow would be perfect in the role.

    LOL-I love that Atonement is one of your prizes. I recently read the book, and I’ve rented the movie but not watched it yet. I figured if I got stuck, I could always watch it as part of the read-a-thon…that sort of counts, right? 🙂

  5. Isabel says:

    I love this challenge! I’m currently reading ‘IBOY’ by Kevin Brooks. It’s a fun and exciting young adult book with lots of action and it reminds me a little of Stormbreaker. Therefore, I think Alex Petyfer would play an amazing Tom. The cd of Imagine Dragons would make a perfect soundtrack!

  6. Donna Jo@kansas reader says:

    At this point I’m so tired that even if I watched movies more than once every two years I couldn’t identify any of the actors in them. But I vote for Hugh Jackman in any of my four books I’ve read–not that he fits any of the parts, but I just like to watch him. Hmmmm–Hugh Jackman as Louisa May Alcott–gotta be Oscar-worthy.

  7. Meg @ A Bookish Affair says:

    I’m currently reading Lily of the Nile by Stephanie Dray. I would pick Sofia Coppola to direct. Her movies are always really trippy and I think she could do a past/present mash-up like she did for Marie Antoinette. I’m having a hard time picking who would be Selene. Maybe I would use an up and coming actress for her. The soundtrack would have to be absolutely epic. I’m picturing Florence and the Machine!

    Thanks so much for this challenge!

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