Readathon – Hours 15-19 Did I sleep? I don’t think so…


I am alive!

I logged off the laptop for a while as even in standby it was making a noise that was giving me a headache, so saved some energy and my sanity. Plus keeping the darn thing on distracts me from reading a bit too much – blogging and participating in games is awesome but I want to keep reading!

I am awake still and as far as I know I didn’t sleep – my kindle screen has never switched off so if I did doze off it must have only been for a few minutes.

Still, progress in reading has been slow and I am only 41% through City of Bones. It’s great though. I viewed the trailer for the movie which made me even more excited about the book series.

Once I finish this book though I am going to start reading Endlessly to round the Readathon off đŸ˜€

Also only a couple of hours until my mini-challenge! Yay!


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