Readathon Oct 2013: Hours 13-24

I must say, I had a lovely sleep. Unfortunately, it has left me with only an hour of reading time left. Oops. I will add though, that my dreams were full of references to A Tale for Time Being. It was as though spending all those hours reading it were not enough and it refuses … Continue reading Readathon Oct 2013: Hours 13-24

Readathon Oct 2013 : Getting started! Hours 1-3

I'm running a tad late for this readathon, but better late than never! I am spoilt for choice with books, and have a huge selection of ebooks and paper books to choose from. 1) What fine part of the world are you reading from today? Sunderland, UK. From the comfort of my fiance's house. 2) … Continue reading Readathon Oct 2013 : Getting started! Hours 1-3