Readathon April 2017 Prep

Once again, like a bi-annual Easter I have returned from Blogging Death to bring forth a few posts about my 24-Hour Readathon aspirations before falling into a deep and silent slumber for the next 6 months. Or perhaps not. We’ll see.

The April 2017 Readathon starts soon and I feel decently prepared for it. I remembered it in advance, which sometimes doesn’t happen. Sometimes I only realise the day before. This time I’ve been having a think about what I want to do.
Not that it made much difference. I still left it until now to assemble my TBR pile, and left snack prep to the last minute, and blog writing.

My book selection is ambitious and varied as usual. I’ve selected a couple of Graphic Novels, a couple of short stories and short story collections, a poetry book, some average legth novels and a beast of a novel. Plus whatever catches my fancy from my 2 kindles. I don’t expect to finish them all, and I’ve already made a little start with a couple of the longer books, but as I will be sleeping for a chunk of the readathon, I don’t think it matters much.

I will be sleeping. I’m not going to kid myself this year that I will do that once (and only once!) accomplished feat of a full 24 hours awake and reading. I have fibromyalgia and have not been well for the past 2 years – and this year has been much worse than previous years. If I don’t sleep, my pain becomes much worse and I become bedridden for days. So I’ll be taking my usual sleeping tablets at 7pm GMT and will probably be asleep by 11pm, but will wake up between 7am and 9am to do that final few hours.

WIN_20170429_12_38_12_ProSnack-wise, I’ve ordered in as I couldn’t be bothered to go shopping. I will be taking a break from my Slimming World plan since there wasn’t that great a selection on Amazon Prime UK.  My order arrived 10 mins ago – just in time! Popcorn, ricecakes, sesame breadsticks, chocolate, Haribo and sunflower seeds. I have some Cherry Pepsi Max, tea, coffee and water to drink.

Reading Nook-wise, I’ve got a couple of spots I want to rotate through today. I’m startig off in bed, because it’s warm and cosy. I’ll move to the living room later on and switch between my reading armchair and the couch, both with blankets as its rather dull and nippy today in North East England. Perhaps a hot water bottle for my sore tummy. Lots of cups of tea. I have a nice little chair in my office too, and if my kitty, Smudge, lets me (as it is one of her favourite spots) I may sit there for a little bit and get some sunrays (even though the sun isn’t bright!).

I’m currently being seranaded by my neighbours and their children. I have rather nosy neighbours and they are currently listening to the Moana soundtrack on repeat and singing along. It rather spoiled the mood of the book I was reading, so it is possible I will have to resort to playing my own music loudly to drown out theirs!

This blog post has taken a couple of hours to prepare so I’m not sure how regularly I will be updating. I’d rather be reading!



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