Readathon Oct 2013: Hours 10-12

I have done it! I have finished the book! I think I may peruse a few shorter books before picking up something longer, just so I can say I have read multiple books this readathon!

Hour 10: 


Book/s: A Tale for the Time Being by Ruth Ozeki
Paper or Kindle?: Kindle.
Pages read:  100% (16% read)
Comment: What a fantastic novel! It is packed with philosophy, Japanese history, Zen Buddhist teachings, physics and emotion! I found the characters engaging and the dual narrative to be really well paced. Now I see why the book seemed to take forever to read – it was meant that way. The whole book is about time and I must say i will review this as a five-star novel and I hope it wins the Man Booker Prize. Amazing!

Completed books so far: 1

Hour 11


Book: The Dancing Bear by Michael Morpurgo
Paper or Kindle?: paper
Pages read:  64/64
Comment: This was such a bittersweet book, with beautiful illustrations. Very quick read and quite enjoyable.


Book: Billy the Kid by Michael Morpurgo
Paper or Kindle?: paper
Pages read:  68/128
Comment: Great story about an old man looking back at his past as a young Chelsea footballer and his wartime experiences as a POW. I was irritated to learn that his first professional goal was against my home team Sunderland though, and that in the POW camp, a team of Newcastle supporters got to the ‘FA Cup’ final they put on. Luckily they were swiftly beaten by Chelsea though. Phew. Really good book so far though, peppered with modern day scenes of what Billy is doing now between his flashbacks.

Completed books so far: 2

Hour 12: 


Book/s: Billy the Kid by Michael Morpurgo
Paper or Kindle?: paperback
Pages read:  128/128
Comment: Another bittersweet tale from Michael Morpurgo but I did really enjoy this one. The ending almost brought a tear to my eye.

Completed books so far: 3

I’m going to put a hold on my blogging now. It is 1am and I will no doubt fall asleep during the reading of my next book. I will be up in the morning to finish off the readathon and update on my progress before my sleep.



4 thoughts on “Readathon Oct 2013: Hours 10-12

  1. stacybuckeye says:

    My last 2 book have been just over 100 pages, LOL~ Makes me feel like I’m accomplishing something 🙂
    “Little by little does the trick.” (Aesop)
    Or maybe we should say ‘hour by hour’ 🙂
    Team Tiger

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